~ March 2015 ~

As winter fades, are you left with a desire to start spring cleaning? As you clean out your closet and dust those dirty corners, investigate your home for sneaky energy inefficiencies, like the incandescent bulb lighting your closet!

Watch this video to learn how simple and quick it is to clean the coils under your refrigerator!


Your refrigerator encompasses eight percent of your home’s total energy use! Less cold air, which should be 37-40°F, will escape when it’s full, and it will run more efficiently. After throwing out old, rank leftovers, replace the empty space with jugs of water or crumpled up newspaper in tupperwares. Although an empty refrigerator is a pleasing sight, all that empty space makes your fridge work harder and will cost you on your utility bill. 

Take a few minutes to clean the coils underneath or behind the fridge, where dust collects. Keeping your fridge coils clean and dust free will save you money and increase the life expectancy of your unit.

While you’re dusting, check out your dryer vent for sneaky lint balls that waste energy and pose a fire hazard. Make sure that all your dusting doesn’t go to waste, and take time to replace the air filter on your HVAC system every one to three months so it operates efficiently.

Campaign Updates

The winners of the High Country Home Energy Contest are getting retrofits! 

Learn more about our grand prize winner, Zachary Dixon, and his house. Stay tuned for more multimedia stories and reports of the winners’ energy savings.

The Energy Savings for Appalachia team welcomes Amy Kelly!

With familial ties in Tennessee since the 18th century, and a renowned moonshiner as her great-grandfather, Amy’s roots in Appalachia run as deep and thick as her accent. She believes that the people of Appalachia can become leaders in energy innovation by harnessing their historic self-reliance and ingenuity.  Amy spent five years as a community organizer in Tennessee and has extensively studied economic development. She now joins Appalachian Voices as the Tennessee Energy Savings Outreach Coordinator.

Educating the Public

Even though it’s been cold out, we are readily engaging with the High Country community, presenting energy efficiency workshops to service clubs and university classrooms. We have educated over 150 people about how to lower energy costs in their homes and how to support energy efficiency programs.

Interested in hosting a workshop or presentation at your school, company or club? Contact sarah@appvoices.org or call 828-262-1500.


The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy launched smarterhouse.org, which hosts a wealth of information about energy efficiency practices for homeowners.

Read why an energy audit is the first step to purchasing rooftop solar, and discover how energy efficiency and renewable energy walk hand-in-hand.  

The Wall Street Journal explores what the impacts would be if our government provided more subsidies for energy efficiency.

A community-based program, Clean Energy For Western N.C., launched in Asheville to assist with residential solar and energy efficiency financing and education. Their discounted solar purchasing program includes a free energy audit! Learn more, enroll in the program, or sign up for a webinar!

The city of Knoxville with organizational partners are quarterfinalists in a Georgetown University competition to win $5 million to “implement creative strategies to increase efficiency.”

Carolina Comfort Air, an HVAC company serving central North Carolina, is giving away a free system every month of 2015.  



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  3. Live in N.C.? Host a free energy efficiency workshop at your church or local community group -- contact eliza@appvoices.org to set one up!
  4. Send a letter to the local press expressing your support for home energy savings -- contact sarah@appvoices.org to get some tips.

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