How can TVA claim to support energy efficiency and renewables even as they implement policies that discourage them?
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) claims that they are supportive of energy efficiency and renewables, but they are continually creating policies that disincentivize them. Read about how TVA is doing this yet again through their new Integrated Resources Plan. (Composite graphic by Appalachian Voices, adapted from a photo by Brian Stansberry)



The burden of rural home energy costs
A new report reveals that rural households in the East and Southeast regions of the U.S. shoulder a greater energy cost burden than the national average. Low income people, the elderly, people of color, and renters in particular have much higher energy burdens. Read about why this is and what can be done about it.


Energy News

Vermont utility providing ways to get off grid
Green Mountain Power is encouraging certain rural customers to install renewables and disconnect entirely from the electrical grid. CEO Mary Powell thinks that it is “counterintuitive for a utility not to be doing this kind of stuff.” Find out how Green Mountain Power provides this service and continues to keep its customers. (Photo: Dave Dugdale,

North Carolina homes must become more energy efficient
After a long battle to change home energy efficiency codes, updates will finally take effect on January 1, 2019. Newly constructed homes will be required to have thicker insulation and better skylights to conserve energy. The decision follows an attempt by the Building Code Council to toss the required measures, which some builders believe are too costly to include in all homes. Read more about the debate. (Photo: Tracey Nicholls, CSIRO)

Electric Co-operatives’ CEO Salaries on the Rise
How much money should an electric co-op’s CEO make? Michael Watson, president and CEO of Tennessee’s Duck River Electric Membership Corporation, has seen a 43% increase in salary since 2013. See how this compares to other executives and the average Tennessee household.


Take Action!
If you’re a member-owner of Powell Valley Electric Co-op, attend the annual meeting on Saturday, September 15 at Hancock County High School (2700 Main St., Sneedville, Tenn.). This is an opportunity to vote for open board meetings and for board members to represent you (find out more via the PVEC Member Voices website)! Voting takes place from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Let your fellow members know you are coming with an RSVP to the facebook event.


Just Energy Summit
Join the Partnership for Southern Equity September 21 - 22 at Morehouse College in Atlanta to explore energy equity and democracy in the South. Scholarship applications are due August 17. Learn more and register online.

ACEEE’s Rural Energy Conference and SEEA’s Annual Conference
Interested in taking the conversation a step further? The Rural Energy Conference is taking place in Atlanta on October 22nd! This conference was tacked onto the Annual Conference of the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, which runs through the 24th. Register early for one or both of these great events!


Energy Savings Tip—Energy Savings Tip—Save money with a programmable thermostat
Are you often out of your house during the day? A programmable thermostat can help you reduce your home energy usage when you’re not there! You can also set your thermostat to turn the AC or heat on before you’re expected to get home. This will help you stay comfortable while conserving energy and lowering your bills!