Information and Resources

What is Energy Efficiency, and how can it
benefit me?

The term “energy efficiency” is an increasingly common term, but many people do not have a clear understanding of what it means. [ Learn more ]

On-bill financing / Repayment Loan Programs

New programs cropping up around the country allow qualifying homeowners to make energy efficiency upgrades to their homes and pay the loan back over time through their electric bill. [ Learn more ]

State and Local Loan Programs

Additional non-utility home energy loan programs are offered in some Southeastern states through government agencies and non-profit organizations. [ Learn more ]

USDA Loan Program

Through USDA’s new Energy Efficiency and Conservation Loan Program,┬árural electric cooperatives can receive loans for funding energy efficiency programs, and even re-lend the money to their residential and commercial customers to help them reduce their energy costs. [ Learn more ]

Nonprofit resources

Many nonprofit organizations in the Southeast help residents and small businesses navigate the complex world of energy efficiency and establish a plan to make your home more energy efficient. [ Find a nonprofit organization near you ]

Virtual Home Energy Guide / Home Energy Tips

The U.S. EPA’s Energy Star program has created a virtual home walkthrough to show residents easy ways to make their homes more energy efficient. [ Take the tour now ]