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Do you have kids who play in the creek? Do you like to fish? Do you drink water? If so, pledge to use your voice to protect our clean water resources.

In the United States, access to clean water is a fundamental right which no one should be denied. Federal and state clean water laws need to be enforced Big polluters are trying to weaken these laws so they can continue to use our waterways as their own private waste dumps.

Right now, we have an opportunity to reduce water pollution from power plants by 96%. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is looking at how wastewater from power plants is treated. Most facilities are simply allowed to dump wastewater into our lakes, rivers and streams, many of which are a drinking water source or popular recreational areas.

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Sign up to become a Voice for clean water lets citizens learn about specific coal ash dumps in the South, including information on health threats and safety ratings. Brought to you by Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Southern Environmental Law Center, Appalachian Voices, N.C. Conservation Network and more.