Tell NC DEQ: Protect our groundwater from coal ash pollution

The state is drafting a new coal ash rules to govern the way coal ash is handled in North Carolina. We need your help to make sure the rules benefit the people of North Carolina — not Duke Energy.

There are many concerns with the draft rules. For example, the rules:

  • Would Weaken the trigger for corrective measures for groundwater pollution;
  • Would weaken the remediation requirement and add exemptions that aren’t in the federal rule;
  • Are unclear on when remediation has to be done; and
  • Don’t cover common, serious coal ash contaminants such as boron, hexavalent chromium and vanadium.

North Carolina’s communities and clean water will have the most protection if the Department of Environmental Quality adopts strong rules for its permitting program and does not interfere with the ability of citizens to directly enforce the federal coal ash rule.

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