Tell Gov. Northam: Create a grant program for clean energy on brownfields!

Clean energy is booming in Virginia, driving hundreds of millions of dollars in investment in Virginia. Those investments will continue to increase across the Commonwealth for decades to come, but are largely happening on agricultural and forested areas, and not benefiting places like Southwest Virginia where the decline in fossil fuels in hurting communities the most.

Tell Governor Northam to create a grant program in his budget to incentivize more renewable energy development on brownfields and coal-impacted lands!

Brownfields and lands affected by coal mining are generally more expensive to develop for renewable energy projects than greenfields. A grant program is needed to help ensure that renewable energy development does not occur primarily on Virginia’s limited agricultural and forest lands, and to create opportunities in Southwest Virginia and other communities with brownfields to ensure they share in the benefits of a clean energy transition.

Write to Governor Northam and his administration today to let them know that you support the creation of a grant program to promote renewable energy development on brownfields and coal-impacted land!