A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Kevin Ridder

Born in Arizona and raised in Tennessee, Kevin’s love of the mountains drove him to move even further east to Boone, N.C., where he serves as The Appalachian Voice's Associate Editor and a communications associate for the organization.

Pipeline Resistance Grows on Multiple Fronts


Tree-sits, legal battles and more have sprung up in response to the natural gas pipelines being proposed and built across the region.

Coal Mining Under Trump


While Central Appalachian coal jobs saw a slight bump in President Donald Trump’s first year in office, not much has changed on the national level.

Cost of Coal Mine Cleanup

Despite problems with the current system, coal companies are being granted more leeway in paying for mine reclamation.

Environmental Protection Agency Aims to Deregulate Coal Ash

Aerial view of coal ash ponds near river

The Trump administration’s proposal to roll back federal coal ash safeguards gives more leeway to states — and advocates worry that would put drinking water at risk.

Sparking Petrochemical Valley?

aerial photo of cracker plant construction site

Plans for cracker plants and a gas liquids storage hub could lead to a toxic plastics industry in Appalachia.

Cletus and Beverly Bohon

Cletus and dog

After Cletus and Beverly Bohon spent almost 30 years living in their peaceful woods, Mountain Valley Pipeline developers used eminent domain to cut down a swath of trees on their property.

Carolyn Reilly

Carolyn Reilly

The Reillys moved to Virginia in 2010 in search of a more fulfilling, farm-based lifestyle — a lifestyle disrupted in the past few years by the developers of the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Elise and Ellen Gerhart

Ellen and Elise Gerhart

Fighting back against a pipeline company with the worst oil spill rate in the country, the Gerhart family started a tree-sit in March 2017 that was still ongoing a year later.

Ashby Berkley

Ashby Berkley

Ashby Berkley’s plans to renovate Sweet Springs Resort in Monroe County, W.Va., are muddied by fears of the Mountain Valley Pipeline puncturing an aquifer and depleting the resort’s renowned natural springs.

Virginia Law Grants Large Utilities Less Regulation

Massive changes in Virginia’s energy policy were signed into law last month, with many legislators crying foul.