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A publication of Appalachian Voices

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For the Love of Birds

Volunteers across Virginia participate in a statewide survey of breeding birds to create better conservation policy.

The Bluestone Turnpike Trail

Bluestone National Scenic River

This roughly 10-mile trail follows the Bluestone River in southern West Virginia and gives hikers a taste of the wild.

Remembering Ben Stout

Ben Stout

West Virginia resident Ben Stout is remembered as an impactful scientist, community advocate, educator and so much more.

An Innovative Biochar System

biochar kiln, biochar, and dehydrator

The Nexus biochar system boosts soil health while sequestering carbon and saving energy and money for local farmers.

Summit Stresses Sustainability in Climbing

Climbers hang from rock roof

The two-day workshop hosted by The Access Fund in April was centered on ensuring that rock climbing has a positive environmental and economic impact as the sport grows in the Appalachian region.

Marvin Winstead

Marvin Winstead’s farm has been in his family for generations — and he refuses to allow the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to touch it.

Robie Goins

Robie Goins

Although Robie Goins does not own land directly in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, he is gravely concerned about the effects it would have on the Lumbee community.

Barbara Exum

Barbara Exum

Barbara Exum says “there is a presumption that African-Americans do not care about the environment.” But she has been fighting against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in her county since the beginning.

Can We Save the Mighty Hemlock?

dead and thriving hemlocks

As the threat posed by the invasive hemlock woolly adelgid grows, so do efforts to save “the redwood of the East.”

Section Hiking the Art Loeb Trail

Spur Trails and Campsite Along Art Loeb Trail

An 8.3-mile hike to the top of Shining Rock is perhaps the most scenic portion of the 30-mile Art Loeb Trail.