A publication of Appalachian Voices

A publication of Appalachian Voices

Discovering the Underworld of Crayfish

images/voice_uploads/C.-chasmodactylus.gif You get a line and I’ll get a pole; We’ll all go down to the crawdad hole, Ho-ney, ba-by, mine. “The Crawdad Song,” southern American folk song Growing up in western North Carolina, I have two distinct memories related

Lost Mountain

Riverhead Books. New York. 2006 250 pages. $24.95 The removal of entire mountain tops merely to extract coal is such a staggering idea that it’s often presented in religious metaphors – to move a mountain, after all, is an act

Morton’s Legacy Endures for Appalachia’s Environment

images/voice_uploads/13_HM_Mildred.gif One of Appalachcia’s most powerful voices has been silenced by cancer at age 85. Hugh Morton, a prominent North Carolina environmentalist, photographer and real estate developer, died at his home, surrouned by family, on the first of June. Known

International groups hear coal delegation

Mountian Justice Summer

images/voice_uploads/2_circle.GrannyD.gif Documentary cameras rolled as heart-wrenching stories met a steely resolve to organize and stop mountaintop removal mining. Several hundred participants met at this year’s Healing Mountains conference in West Virginia, organized by the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Heartwood, the

“This is not just my Fight: it’s Appalachia’s Fight” – Larry Gibson

Citizens and friends of the West Virginia mountains remembered more than veterans on Memorial Day by paying their respects to the land and people. Standing with long-time mountaintop removal activist Larry Gibson near his home on Kayford Mountain in West

Archeology Can Add Depth to Our Understanding of Blair Mountain

The following is an excerpt from a report by Harvard Ayers, Ph.D. of the Dept. of Anthropology, Appalachian State University. The area of the Battle of Blair Mountain is being nominated under category A of the National Register criteria, as

Coal and timber companies on the defensive in West Virginia lawsuits

A set of bitter lawsuits has erupted around the question of who is responsible for contaminating the drinking water in Rawl, WV. and even what can be said about it. In late April, a Massey Energy subsidiary filed a libel

Time Honored Songs of the Coal Miner’s Struggle

Harlan County USA Rounder 11661-4026-2 Protest songs are a time-honored method of American political expression. From Woody Guthrie’s Depression-era union anthems up through current fare by Neil Young and the Dixie Chicks, politics and music have long intermingled. Songs serve

Blair Mountain: the forgotten civil war

images/voice_uploads/18_Mother-Jones.gif To the commissioners of Jefferson County, West Virginia it looked like a slam dunk. All they wanted to do was level the 80-year old former Jefferson County jail that sits on the main street of the sleepy community of