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Ellie Coleman – Operations and Outreach Assistant, Fall 2018

Ellie is a senior Interdisciplinary Studies major combining Sustainable Development, Global Studies, Anthropology, and Religious Studies to gain a better understanding of how humans relate to each other and their environment. Ellie believes that a key component of fighting systemic inequality and environmental injustice is understanding and addressing the roots problems underneath. For these reasons she is excited to be at Appalachian Voices learning from people who do this every day. Although Ellie grew up in the Texas Hill Country, she has loved getting to call the North Carolina High Country home for the past few years as a student at Appalachian State University. Ellie loves spending time in community with friends and family, and bringing her dog Lucy with her wherever she goes.

Eric Halvarson Eric Halvarson – Editorial Assistant, Fall 2018

Originally from Rhode Island, Eric moved to Boone, N.C., to attend Appalachian State University, where he discovered his passionate interest in the connection between environmental and social issues. In the spring of 2018, Eric traveled to India, Brazil and South Africa with the International Honors Program studying global cities. Now a senior Sustainable Development major, Eric is especially interested in the way environmental issues are described and understood through writing and media. After graduating in December, he hopes to travel abroad and work with non-profits, advocacy groups or continue his education. Outside of class, he’s often reading, visiting museums, enjoying music and breathing in fresh air with his friends.

Clarisse Hayle – TN Energy Savings Outreach and Communications Assistant, Fall 2018

Clarisse is a senior student from the University of Tennessee majoring in Geology and Environmental studies. She has always had a passion for protecting the environment and increasing awareness around environmental issues. In her spring semester of junior year, she completed a semester abroad in Freiburg, Germany that helped open her eyes as to how sustainability practices can be applied in real life and be effective. Clarisse believes that a reduction in energy and resource consumption levels are going to help sustainability issues greatly. In her free time, Clarisse enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Hana Hess – TN Energy Savings Community Organizing Assistant, Fall 2018

Hana Hess is a junior student from Lincoln Memorial University majoring in Conservation Biology. From her time on the family farm as a little girl, to the more recent years of exploring the mountains, she has loved the outdoors. Now she is focusing on how to preserve the mountains she loves for future generations, as well as help to empower those around her as a native to the Appalachian region. During her free time, she is often found exploring new hollers and hills by foot, rock climbing, or bird watching.

Kennedy Kavanaugh Kennedy Kavanaugh – Editorial Assistant & NC Energy Savings Outreach Assistant, Fall 2018

Kennedy is a senior at Appalachian State University studying Cultural Anthropology with a concentration in Social Practice and Sustainability. She is very passionate about protecting the environment and all the beings which reside within it, human and non-human. Through her school studies, which are focused around issues of energy, sustainability and the power structures which control these systems, Kennedy works hard to understand what we can do as activists to make this Earth a safer, healthier and more equivocal place to live within. Having lived in these mountains for nearly her entire life, Kennedy is an Appalachian at heart, and is impassioned in her fight for a healthy environment and a just economy within the Appalachian region. In her free time, Kennedy enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, and running with her dog Aldo along the many beautiful trails of the Appalachian Mountains.

Sarah Mathis – NC Social Work Intern, Fall 2018

Sarah is a Senior studying Social Work at Appalachian State University. Originally from Midway, North Carolina, she has always had a passion for helping others and social justice. Sarah is involved with the Appalachian and the Community Together Office on campus and has led a service program abroad. It was through this service program to Costa Rica that she developed a love for serving alongside and engaging communities through the improvement of environmental quality. Sarah is excited to expand on her knowledge and skills with Appalachian Voices

Alyssa Moore – NC Energy Savings Outreach Assistant, Fall 2018

Originally from Raleigh, NC, Alyssa moved to Boone in the Fall of 2015 to attend Appalachian State. Alyssa is a senior at Appalachian studying environmental economics and sustainable development. In the spring of 2018, she studied abroad in Costa Rica focusing her studies on agroecology, international economics, and Latin American studies. Her passion for environmental issues and sustainable community development sparked in college once she moved to the High Country. Alyssa hopes to learn how App Voices engages the community to combat environmental injustices. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys reading, running, yoga, stargazing, and spending time outside with friends.

Caelann Wood – Operations and Outreach Assistant, Fall 2018

Caelann’s appreciation of our natural environment began while growing up in the silhouette of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She has recently graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Seattle University with a passion for merging anthropological perspectives with political issues. She believes that our natural environment deserves thoughtful stewards who promote policies and practices which empower a sustainable future. She enjoys fresh air, reading, and exploring with her dog, Dexter.

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