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A Positive Light in Blacksburg


It takes a heart of gold and unwavering spirit to fight for justice at every turn, and Margaret Breslau has both. We're proud to call her an AV member! [ Read more]

Exploring Mountain Bogs


Appalachia's high-elevation wetlands harbor rare, fascinating creatures such as this endangered bog turtle. See what makes mountain bogs so special. [ Read more ]

A Path to Less Pollution


In this op-ed for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Kathy Selvage writes that Southwest Virginia deserves strong economies and healthy communities. [ Read more ]

West Virginia Wonders

Visitors can reach Mash Fork Waterfalls by an easily accessible route or a challenging hike. Photo courtesy

Two miles away from a busy interstate, visitors to Camp Creek State Park and Forest can explore 36 miles of trails by foot, bike or horseback. [ Read more ]