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Kingston Coal Plant Awaits New Wastewater Permit

In December, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation held two public hearings concerning a draft wastewater permit for the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston Fossil Plant in Kingston, Tenn. The draft permit contains updated federal guidelines on pollutants from coal-fired plants such as mercury, but does not require the plant to meet those restrictions until Dec. 1, 2023.

In a public comment to TDEC, members of environmental organization Sierra Club stated that “just a year ago, TVA said it could and would comply with the [regulations] well-ahead of the schedule TDEC is now proposing. As a result, TDEC is proposing to let Kingston continue dumping toxic mercury and arsenic into the Clinch River for years longer than even TVA initially suggested.”

A final permit is expected to be issued by Feb. 1.
— Kevin Ridder

Believing that education is the first step toward creating change, Molly is passionate about sharing the environmental and cultural stories of our region, and serves as AV's Editorial Communications Coordinator and Editor of The Appalachian Voice publication.


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